Monte and Lauren


“There is something about the change I see in a person, when they try on a new outfit and know they look good. I’ve always liked the feeling I get when in a small way I could help someone feel better about themselves.” - Monte Stewart

Custom clothing was a part of retail that really motivated the birth of Beg and Borrow. Beg and Borrow is an extension of men’s custom clothing, using beautiful fabrics to create shirt dresses for women.

Our shirt dresses are flattering and sexy, without trying too hard.

Simply choose a fabric from hundreds of swatches and then have fun making it your own. You have full control in customizing the length, pockets, buttons, collar, sleeves, cuffs, etc. until you make it perfect for you.

Monte and Lauren met in 2012 following LD’s return home from New York. The two instantly found a fellow appreciation for fashion, which led to a beautiful partnership in men’s custom clothing.

Monte, having extensive knowledge in the men’s sector of the fashion industry, shared all his ins and outs of tailoring, working directly with manufacturers and the overall process of custom business. Later that year, Beg and Borrow was born.

“We all have different strengths, and it’s so important to learn how to play to yours! Beg and Borrow is an outlet to designing your own, to fit you specifically, to meet your lifestyle expectations individually, and to feel confident when you step out. Style is power and the custom experience gives you just that.” - Lauren Draffin