“There is something about the change I see in someone when they try on a new outfit and know instantly they look good. I’ve always liked that feeling I get when, in a small way, I can help someone feel better about themselves.” - Monte Stewart

Monte and LD began working together in 2012 and haven't slowed since. The two instantly found a common appreciation for fashion, which led to a beautiful partnership in Beg & Borrow Apparel.

Originally, Monte founded Beg & Borrow as an extension of his men’s custom clothing business, specifically men's dress shirts. Today, we use the same, beautiful fabrics to also create custom shirt dresses tailored to women.

Our shirt dresses are both inclusive and exclusive, allowing each client to dress intentionally each day.

“We ALL have different strengths, and it’s so important to know how to play to your own! Beg & Borrow is an avenue to dress by design, to tailor your fit specifically, to meet your lifestyle expectations individually, and to feel so confident when you step out you don't once question what you are wearing. Style is power and this custom experience gives you just that.” - Lauren Draffin