How Do I Properly Measure My Hips?

If you do not have a tape measure, find a pliable material (such as rope, ribbon or even a chord) and wrap around the largest area of your hips and rear end to equate circumference. Then, lay the material flat and take a ruler or carpenter's tape to assess that measurement in inches. Enter the number in inches into the hip section (i.e. 38in hips equate to a US size 4).

Determining a Custom Length

We use the measurements you give us (height, weight, and hips) to determine what length your dress needs to be to fall where you want it to. Selecting a length option (above the knee, below the knee) will guide us in the fit you want, and we'll do the math from there.

Or, if you'd like to specify, choose "exact length" to give us a length in inches measuring from the nape of the neck down your back to the desired length. Hint: you can also take this measurement by comparing a current favorite shirt or shirt dress length, same rules apply!

Of course, please fill in any additional information on the form field to work with us on anything you're unsure about. The more details the better!

woman in short white shirt


  woman in pale above the knee shirt dress

Above the Knee

woman in below the knee shirt dress

Below the Knee