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About Us


The concept began in 2012, deriving from Monte’s custom men’s line. Over time, women began requesting custom apparel, so we took the traditional men’s dress shirt and redesigned it into a woman’s custom shirt dress. With Monte’s knowledge of tailoring and LD’s experience in styling, the creation of Beg and Borrow was conceived.


As we grow, the goal is to open our platform to additional creatives who want to collaborate and who deserve a production opportunity. We’re working towards a pop-up location where we can showcase our collabs through an  in-store shopping experience, as well as offering one-on-one custom consultations. 


Our process started by acknowledging that women wanted something not readily available. We wanted our shirt dresses to be made in the same factory as our men’s dress shirts - it was the only way we could make one custom dress at a time, specific to each client’s style. Over the past 8 years, we’ve diligently worked on perfecting the shirt dress, as well as the entire custom experience.  Ultimately, this evolved into creating a surge of individual designs and delivering the ultimate customer experience. 


Since creating a custom commodity for women, we then were inspired to collaborate with fellow creatives on products other than our own. Our website currently features partnerships with local artists, dedicated to enhancing the fashion culture in Memphis and beyond. We’re always looking to collaborate with new artists and offer them a platform for production. Offering private label, shirt dress collections for individual retailers is another endeavor we’re steadily working towards.

“There is something about the change I see in a person, when they try on a new outfit and know they look good.  I’ve always liked the feeling I get when in a small way I could help someone feel better about themselves.”  - Monte Stewart

“We all have different strengths, and it’s so important to learn how to play to yours! Beg and Borrow is an outlet to designing your own, to fit you specifically, to meet your lifestyle expectations individually, and to feel confident when you step out. Style is power and the custom experience gives you just that.” - Lauren Draffin


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